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Bed & Chair
Item Number: A309
€ 2,000.00
Nursing Bed Belluno
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Belluno Bed

A modern classic for proper rest

Belluno is the classic among modern care bed. This bed combines maximum comfort and ease of use with an attractive price. The professional design and economy of the belluno have proved themselves thousand times use in home care use both at home and in the area of rehabilitation and therapy.
The lying surface is available as a 4-section option. In addition, the lying surface can be fitted - besides the stable slatted frame – with the patented ripolux® anti decubitus system or the hygienic ripoplan plastic board system as an option.
The variegated possible combinations of the equipment not only allow optimal bedding conditions but they also guarantee an individual, deman-ortiented resting and sleeping. With the modern clip system, belluno can be assembled and dismantled easily and quickly by one person. To minimise the environmental impact, there is virtually no packaging on delivery.

Specifications – belluno
Total weight: 98 kg
Lying surface dimensions: 90 x 200 cm
External dimensions: 103 x 213 cm
Safe capacity: 170 kg
Maximum person weight: 135 kg
Height adjustment: 37 – 83 cm, low version 32 – 78 cm
Lifter space: 15 cm, low version 10 cm
Side rail height: 37 cm with sprung slats
34 cm with ripolux®
Special sizes: 80 – 140 cm widths,
180 – 220 cm length

Water-resistant to IPX4,
high-grade anti-kink
cable management bracket,
fuse in the mains plug,
mains isolation system
and emergency lowering.
Safety, effective from the plug
available by choice of option

Feature options
Item no.

280          Wooden side rails

Subject to technical modification.
Electric back and leg section
adjustment with automatic triple
action knee break.

Safety guarantees:
• Mains isolation system                    
• Primary fuse in the power plug       
• Secondary fuse/polyswitch              
• Thermal release                               
• Disabling function                           
• Hand control with single fault safety
• Special spiral mains cable
• Anti-kink cable management bracket
• Water-resistant to IPX4
• Distortion-free, highly stable side rails


Roll-down mattress for lie-low beds
Lifting pole with triangular handle •
Grab rail °
Raised leg position, 90° °
Raised leg position, stretched °
Bed lamp model B °
Bed lamp model D °
Bed lamp model E °
Bed lamp model Task Light °
Bed extension for length of 220 cm °
Wooden sprung slats with degree of tension °
Foot unit, 200 cm
Feet for freestanding assembly
Infusion holder for lifting pole °
Integrated wooden side rails •
Wedge-shaped pillow
Mattresses °
Mattress compensation °
Mattress extension for a length of 220 cm °
Integrated head rest for 5-section lying surface °
Low entrance height °
Bumpers for attachable side rails °
Bumpers for side rails °
ripolux® lying surface system °
ripoplan lying surface system °
Side rail attachment
Attachable side rails °
Special width/length °
Control box and hand control for Trendelenburg
Individual-function disabling
Special mattresses °
Standing position
star.lec tray
Transport and storage system °
Universal clamp with modular accessories °
Full panelling
Central braking
• Standard feature         ° Extra

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Price €2,000.00
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