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Treatment Couches
Item Number: LS384A2W3
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Examination Treatment Table 

Two-motor examination, manipulation and treatment table, electric height adjustment by means of a foot rail and a low voltage (24 V) head-mounted remote control. The couch has six movable sections.

The trunk section can be adjusted electrically; the other sections can be adjusted by means of servo-system with one or more gas springs. The motor-driven adjustment requires no effort by the operator to adjust the trunk section while the patient undergoes a treatment.

It is equipped with non-marking wheels that can be operated by a single pedal control. The head section is equipped with an elongated breathing hole for a higher comfort of operator and atient, the plug is standard.

A manual containing various postural education execises is supplied with the couch.

Safe working load: 180 kg


  12177  BATTERIA AUSILIARIA auxiliari battery to grant the possibility of utilize in absence of direct current.
  12271  braccioli rpg
  12272  wall staff suitable for wall mounting, height-adjustable, equipped with rope and harness
  12274  FACE PILLOW pillow for a more comfortable posture. only available in blue (s3).
  12278  PORTALENZUOLINO RIBALTABILE it gives the operator complete freedom of movement





  • Safe working load: Kg 180
  • Maximum load for backrest electric adjustment: Kg 120
  • Height adjustment: cm 48 - 100
  • Min/max height adjustment time: sec 23
  • Work surface dimensions: cm 207 x 68
  • Electrical safety: Class 2 - Part applied: type B
  • Use: Temporary: 10% - USE 2 min. / PAUSE 18 min.
  • Power Supply: 220V 50Hz / 24V 70VA
  • Fuses: Internal parts are not accessible
  • IP protection: IP54
  • Equipment weight: Kg From 95 to 103 depending on model




















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