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Standing Frames
Item Number: SUC02
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Free from the work of standing, your child can devote his or her attention to the activities they wish to take part in, while their whole body posture is protected by comfortable straps and supports.


In order to reduce manual handling, children can be hoisted onto Supine Stander and the supports put in place before the stander is brought into a more upright position. Children often tolerate this mode of standing well and can enjoy activities that are difficult for them to access in sitting.


In the therapy situation, Supine Stander offers support for many function enhancing therapy activities such as standing balance and weight transfers.


Features and Benefits

Standard Configuration
Supine Stander S1 standard configuration:

•Base frame
•Standing frame with 4 main boards
•2 x pairs of small pads with de-rotational safety straps
•Pair of medium pads with colour coded de-rotational knee straps
Supine Stander S2 standard configuration:
•Electric base frame
•Standing frame with 4 main boards
•2 x pairs of medium pads with de-rotational safety straps
•Pair of large pads with colour coded de-rotational knee straps

Features and Benefits

  • A sturdy supine stander Suitable for children with a wide range of postural support needs.
    Adjustable height/length Easy to fit to different children.
  • Electrical angle adjustment: Size 2 only Reduces strain for carers. Gives smooth angle adjustment.
  • Adjustable side supports Offer firm support. Help to maintain symmetry of posture can be used to ‘brace' children who tend to curve or lean to one side.
  • Contoured body support Increased comfort and tolerance.
  • PU moulded support Seamless, easy to clean.
  • Antibacterial Retards growth of bacteria.
  • Optional, adjustable tray Suitable feeding, working or playing surface.
  • Bowl in tray Ideal for messy play.
  • Tray infill gives smooth, continuous surface Gives smooth, continuous surface for writing/drawing activities.
  • Sturdy foot support Gives child confidence
  • Sandals Allow for controlled positioning of feet for best weight bearing advantage.
  • Small footprint Can be used in smaller spaces e.g. Homes. Takes up less space in nursery or school.
  • Adjustable angle with gauge Makes it easy to choose and repeat a particular angle.
  • Modular construction Easy to adjust length of board for different children.
  • Headrest option Multi-gripTM PU headrest offers tailored support.
  • Choice of support pad sizes Tailor support to each child.
  • De-rotational straps, Secure each child with the best possible position for sound weight bearing.

Supine Stander
9 months - 4 years
3 years - 11 years


Supine1 Fader




Supine2 Fader



Supine 3 1



Supine 3 2



Supine3 Fader


                                                 Size 1                            Size 2                         Size 3

Age Range (Approx.)            ¾ - 4 Years                 3 - 11 Years                10 - 18 Years
Angle Range                          10° - 90 Degrees         10 - 90 Degrees           10 - 90 Degrees
Chest Width                           130 - 310 mm             130 - 310 mm              220 - 440 mm
Footplate Angle Range          Degrees                      Degrees                     -20 - 20 Degrees
Frame Length                         mm                            mm                            1240 mm
Frame Width                           mm                            mm                            800 mm
Hip Pads Width                       130 - 310 mm              130 - 310 mm             240 - 440 mm
Knee Block Width                    mm                             mm                            240 - 440 mm 
Tray Depth to Cutout              370 mm                       370 mm                     370 mm
Tray Width                              680 mm                       705 mm                     705 mm
User Height                             660 - 1000 mm             820 - 1270 mm           max 1900 mm  
User Weight                            25 Kg                           50 Kg                         100 Kg
Base Size (Footprint)              575 x 660 mm               650 x 995 mm            650 x 995 mm 
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