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Spectra Knee CPM
CPM machines
Item Number: 4621006042
€ 3,200.00
  • Description
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Spectra Knee CPM

An unbeatable combination of good looks and mechanical innovation sets Spectra apart as the Knee CPM of choice.
• Light
• Compact
• Feed Back Patient
• Digital adjustment.
• Available in 3 different versions

From -10° to 120° of flexion.
The Kinetec Spectra allows treating all pathologies of the knee.
The anatomically correct system increases the comfort of the patient and decreases the points of pressure.

Only 12 Kg (26 pounds). Provided with two handles transport board. The Kinetec Spectra is very easy to transport for a use in the hospital or in cabinet.

For all versions of the Kinetec Spectra, the remote control is easy to use and intuitive, that allows a precise and quick adjustment of the movement parameters.

The large LCD screen shows the immediate and the programmed range of motion allowing a patient stimulation.
Spectra Essential
Operated by a simplified remote control, allowing the precise adjustment of the basic parameters of the movement:
- Range of Motion
- Speed
- Pause in movement limits, allowing rest or a posture
- Adjusted parameters locking
- Start/Stop and reverse of the movement

Spectra CPM
For complete movement and progressive rehabilitation.
Besides the basic adjustments featured in the Kinetec Spectra Essential, the Spectra CPM enables more advanced movement features:
Warm Up The patient reaches gradually the pre-set full ROM
Modulation Allows manual setting of the ROM end-point based on patient tolerance.
This mode is generally used at the beginning of the session
ROM By Pass Used during the session, this mode allows a manual setting based on new patient tolerance, thus offering a real progressive work of the Range of motion
Force This security feature allows the patient to reverse, more or less easily,
 the movement by a simple muscular contraction
Timer Control of the session time
Programme Allows set-up of 16 customised programmes

  • Ordering Information
  • 4621006302 Complete apparatus • Pads
  • 4621006342 Complete apparatus • Clipsed Comfort Supports
  • 46EXTGAR3G 3-Year Warranty Extension
  •  For detail and accessories see special page.


Spectra CPM  DC (Data Capture)
For even more precision.
The capture and data processing of movement and the patient.
The remote control is identical to the Spectra but has a built in memory which records the rehabilitation sessions of the patients.
The unique Kinetec software and its USB interface delivered with the Kinetec Spectra DC allow :
- Management of 16 different patients
- Simplified programming of the 16 programs available with the Kinetec Spectra
- Preparation of the protocols of rehabilitation for each patient
- Precise evaluation of the patient progress throughout treatment
- Edition in graph of patient progress
- Data analysis of the movement: time, range of motion, load, speed
- Quick start up session using pre-programmed parameters and current calendar date

  • Additional technical data:
  • Electrical connection by the USB plug
  • Compatible Windows XP & Vista
  • Disk space required: 200Mo
  • Disc reader
  • Printer for patient reports

Knee CPM machine Ordering Information
4621006402 Complete apparatus • Pads
4621006442 Complete apparatus • Clipsed Comfort Supports
4610008838 Remote Control for Spectra first version
4670024709 Soft + USB Connector
46EXTGAR3G 3-Year Warranty Extension

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Price €3,200.00
  Spectra knee CPM
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