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Rehabilitation Equipment
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That’s never been there before!
Dynamic Standing and Static Standing in one Device.

Your advantages:

  • Dynamic Standing Device for Active Standing
  • patented world novelty

BALANCE-Trainer offers patients with partially or entirely limited standing abilities to stand safely and nevertheless using the device dynamically. Never be afraid of falling again!

The special thing about it: If the user has a heavily impaired movement range the flexibility of the BALANCE-Trainer shows the remaining activity. This is very motivating and daily exercising becomes more efficient. The therapy status is maintained or even improved!

Studies prove efficiency of BALANCE-Trainer


Efficiency of training has already been proven by case studies with paraplegia and after stroke with neglect syndrome.


Therapy Goals

  • Pelvis and upper body stability

    Sufficient pelvis and upper body stability are basic requirements for being able to move around and cope with gravity – without it, unaided standing and walking is impossible. So, an important therapy goal is to exercise the upper body and pelvis muscles at one's individual limit with repetitive exercises in an environment that protects the user from falling.
  • Balance 
    Walking is not just about quantity, but above all about quality and safety. Many users of wheelchairs, walkers or crutches are able to walk short distances, but the risk of falling is very high. This often leads to long and expensive hospital stays and subsequently to limited or total lack of independence. With this in mind, balance exercising seems even more important.
  • Mobility /muscle tone regulation 
    Long periods of static sitting or lying will lead to muscular and tendon shortening. Without sufficient mobility of the ankle, hip and knee joints, neither safe standing nor normal walking are possible. Regular upright and dynamic standing exercises are required to maintain sufficient hip and knee joint extension. Furthermore, standing is the best prophylaxis against plantar flexion of the feet.
  • Circulatory system, metabolism and breathing 
    Regular standing exercises will stabilise circulation and thus increase exercise tolerance. Standing also has a positive influence on blood pressure and breathing. This is very important – especially for high-level dependency users. Standing also serves as an osteoporosis prophylaxis. 

Two Trainers in One

The balance unit is equipped with a spring element whose resistance can be adapted to the user or the therapy goal in several steps. The balance deflection is adjustable between 0 degrees, 6 degrees and 11 degrees. So you can transform your THERA-Trainer from a static standing frame (0 degrees) to a dynamic balance exerciser (6 and 11 degrees).

Plug and Play


All products from the Standing & Balancing series can be combined with a large-format colour screen. Just plug it in, select a fitting therapy session with a matching biofeedback option, press the START button and start your exercise. You can flexibly combine individual modules of therapy sessions into a 20-30 minute exercise session. This opens up entirely new options for personalizing therapy.



Perfect Posture

Of highest practical relevance are the flexibly positionable quick securing systems for forefoot and heel on the treads. No tools are needed for adjusting the quick securing systems as required for each user's individual therapy goals. It is possible, for example, to do exercises in step or parallel position, or on one leg. The antislip tread surface prevents you from losing your footing. Quick securing system and tread surfaces are wear-resistant, washable and sanitizable. Depending on the therapy goal, knee supports can be installed or removed.


Parallel foot stance


One leg stance


Stepping stance

THERA-Trainer – Standing & Balancing Product Line

Standing and walking has top priority for everyone, especially for wheelchair users – and there's a reason for that. From a therapeutic point of view, standing can't be overrated. Safe standing and good balance are basic requirements for walking. On the following pages, you can find standing and balancing exercisers that are suitable for users with risk of falling as well as for wheelchair users and users in vegetative state. Dynamic vertical exercise is the »champions league« for everyone.


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