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Rehabilitation Equipment
Item Number: 01348
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This instrument is for shoulder and elbow rehabilitation in the event of stiffness, impingement syndrome and pre- and postsurgery treatment. It has a metal frame and a height adjustable wheel to meet the patient's size or depending on the exercise to perform. It can be easily moved by an operator.

It comes complete with a set of accessories, including: a handle, a knob, a
forearm support, a counterweight, an elbow rest support and a front handgrip. Mainly used to perform active exercises, it can also be used to do passive/self- passive mobilization and proprioceptive exercises. Patients can start with free exercise and then, by means of a clutch, gradually apply a wider resistance.

By using this instrument, the therapist can avoid the most repetitive work: the physiotherapist programs the sequence and intensity of the exercises, while the patient can check the range of motion reached at each repetition and is therefore motivated to commit oneself.

The recovery of range of motion can be monitored with a quick and extremely reliable assessmet by comparing previous and following results. The "Rota" comes complete with a manual and vidoetape, suggesting a set of exercises





 Rota introduction  Rota shoulder cycling exercise  
Rota arm cycling exercise Rota steering wheel exercise  

 Rota level crossing  Rota level crossing in obligue position 1]  
 Rota anterior windshield wiper exercise  Rota lateral windshield wiper exercise  
Rota draining rack exercise passive  Rota Lunge on an inclined plane  
Rota Defense on an inclined plane  Rota watching setting exercise  
 Rota Thrust from below  Rota proprioceptive exercise  
 Rota Accesories    






Weight: Kg 55

Max dimensions: cm 177x100x64

Height adjustment: cm 72÷148

Resistance control with 8 settings: Nm 0÷1,8

01447 - dvd ROTA
 01448 - ROTA GUIDE

01447 - DVD "ROTA"

01448 - ROTA GUIDE


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