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THERA-Trainer tigo Profesional Line
Passive & Active Trainers
Item Number: THERA-Trainer tigo Profesional Line
THERA-Trainer tigo 502 - Profesional Line THERA-Trainer tigo 506 - Profesional Line THERA-Trainer tigo 510 - Profesional Line
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THERA-Trainer - Cycling Product Line

Patients especially love cycling training with its natural and rhythmic motion. Nearly everyone, from wheelchair users to patients able to walk independently can use cycling exercise to actively help along their rehab. This has an extremely positive effect on their quality of life and their self-esteem.


Goals of Therapy

  • Activating the cardiovascular system
    Regular exercise activates the entire cardiovascular system. This will stabilise the blood pressure to improve the blood supply of »cold legs« and reduce oedemas. An active cardiovascular system improves fat burning, blood sugar and cholesterol regulation.
  • Fitness
    75 % of all stroke patients suffer from an additional cardiac disease. Endurance training will reduce the risk of high blood pressure and cardiac diseases and thus the risk of further strokes.
  • Activating the metabolism
    Regular exercise activates all metabolic processes of the body. This will have a positive effect on digestion and urination.
  • Maintaining/ improving muscular strength
    Systematic and regular concentric and excentric exercises can maintain and restore even very low muscular strength. Different biofeedback illustrations permit systematic strength training.
  • Mobility/muscle tone regulation
    Especially patients lacking exercise can use THERA-Trainers to regulate their muscle tone with rhythmic and reciprocal movement and thus effectively prevent contractions.
  • Mental stability
    Regular endurance training demonstrably increases the release of the »happy hormone« dopamine. Together with the feeling of success after exercising, this will cause a positive mood and effectively prevent depressions.

More than an Ergometer

Control and display unit fulfils the requirements of the elderly and of people with disability with regards to biofeedback and ease of use THERA-Trainer
Leg support and foot fixing support weak legs and guarantee safe support
Motor drive permits passive, assistive or active exercise – with smooth transitions and harmonic rotation
Tip-up protection prevents the chair / wheelchair from tipping over and ensures an optimal distance between THERA-Trainer and user
Chair or wheelchair so that even persons suffering from muscle weakness can exercise safely


The PROFESSIONAL line of THERA-Trainers addresses customers in the fields of neurology, geriatrics, orthopedics, and cardiology. This includes business partners working in rehabilitation, whether on an inpatient, outpatient, or day-patient basis. In addition to our therapeutic devices, we offer device-based therapy concepts, which include a comprehensive therapy and training concept with practical exercise suggestions. Our vision is to provide you with therapy concepts for every phase of rehabilitation. They are to complement, simplify, and assist in the work of the therapist. 


THERA-Trainer: Device-Based Therapy

Device-based therapy provides valuable support in every phase of rehabilitation. Scientific findings in the field of neuro-rehabilitation find practical application in device-based therapy. Examples include repetitive exercises (frequent repetition of a particular motor movement), task-oriented exercise, and "shaping" (exercises that work at the edge of the patient's personal performance abilities).

Benefits for the Patient: Motivation and Success

Patients usually have very positive experiences with device-based therapy using THERA-Trainers and integrated biofeedback illustrations. The exercise is task- and goal-oriented. Frequent repetition of certain exercises increases the exercise intensity. The social element of exercising in groups and the result checks afterwards will appeal to your patients' ambitions and motivate them for the next exercise session.

Benefits for the Therapist: Easier Work and Better Time Management

Device-based exercise is a safe form of exercise which reduces the physical exertion required from the therapist by having the patient safely secured and protected against falling (04). Exercising with a THERATrainer also simplifies the therapists' time management. While one patient is doing repetitive exercises on an exerciser, the therapist can attend to someone else who requires a more demanding and timeconsuming individual therapy. The exercise documentation option can be used for systematic exercise control and as proof for doctors and health insurance providers. THERA-Trainers also offer new therapy options.

Benefits for the Facility: Cost Minimisation and Attractiveness

Device-based therapy allows for a much higher »therapy density« with the same number of staff. THERA-Trainers permit group therapy, »free« self-exercise and supervised »independent« exercise. Thanks to the short »set-up time«, the effective exercise time is very long. THERA-Trainers can increase your therapy range and thus your facility's attractiveness.

THERA-Trainer tigo

In the past, we offered THERA-live with a small color screen and THERA-vital with a large one. But now, the two exercisers have merged into the THERA-Trainer tigo. You can select a color screen in one of three sizes. We are sure you will be thrilled.

  • Safe, Easy and comfortable– The Patented THERA-Trainer Foot Fixing
    The patient's feet are secured quickly and dependably without causing pressure marks. It is easy to adjust for legs and feet of different sizes. Another key safety feature is that the foot fixings can be released quickly if needed. 
           THERA-Trainer                    THERA-Trainer

  • THERA-Trainer tigo: Ergonomically Versatile
    With the THERA-Trainer tigo, you can make all necessary adjustments in no time at all. The height and distance of the safety handle or upper body exerciser can be adjusted to suit the patient's body size, for instance. To keep everything in view, the tilt angle of the control and display unit can also be adjusted.
    THERA-Trainer          THERA-Trainer

  • Control and Display Unit: Intelligence Makes the Difference
    True to the motto "Never change a running system", the START/STOP traffic light control of the previous model remained unchanged. It doesn't get any easier. You operate the system with large membrane keys or touch soft keys. You can adjust all important exercise data such as speed of rotation, etc. anytime without changing screens. The control and display unit is available with a 2.7", 5.7" or 10.4" screen. The 10.4" color screen also works as a touch screen.
    THERA-Trainer               THERA-Trainer                      THERA-Trainer

  • Biofeedback: Fun and Success Guaranteed
    The trick is to package effective therapeutic exercise as »fun and games« to encourage goal-oriented exercise and keep the patients highly motivated. This will make them focus on their exercise and keep exercising until their goal is reached. After the exercising session, the patient gets a clear performance evaluation – the best motivation for the next session.
  • THERA-Trainer

Models of the THERA-Trainer tigo


THERA-Trainer tigo 502: The Perfect Basic Unit for Leg Exercises

  • Control and display unit with 2.7" colour screen
  • Safety handle
  • Foot rests with 2-stepped radius adjustment
  • Leg support
  • Device base with transport casters


THERA-Trainer tigo 506: The Topquality Leg Exerciser

  • Control and display unit with 10.4" color screen incl. touch function and an associated software package for individual therapy
  • Safety handle
  • Foot rests with stepless radius adjustment
  • Leg support and foot fixings
  • Device base with transport casters
  • Anti-tipping protection
  • Tip-up protection


THERA-Trainer tigo 510: The Professional Exerciser for Legs and Upper Body

  • Control and display unit with 10.4" color screen incl. touch function and an associated software package for individual therapy
  • Upper body exerciser with long cranks
  • Grip adapters, therapy grips, arm supports for therapy grips, and wristbands for therapy grips / safety handle
  • Foot rests with steppless radius adjustment
  • Leg support and foot fixings
  • Device base with transport casters
  • Tip-up protection


THERA-Trainer tigo - Specifications

Models Screen size Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight Motor drive
THERA-Trainer tigo 502 2,7''
(= 51 x 40 mm)
ca. 83 x 47,3 x 118 cm ca. 32 kg 240 watt electric motor
(leg exerciser)
THERA-Trainer tigo 506 10,4''
(= 211 x 158 mm)
ca. 83 x 47,3 x 119 cm ca. 37 kg 240 watt electric motor
(leg exerciser)
THERA-Trainer tigo 510

(= 211 x 158 mm)

ca. 90 x 63,8 x 125,5 cm ca. 43 kg

240 watt electric motor
(leg exerciser)
100 watt electric motor
(upper body exerciser)

All THERA-Trainers meet the following safety standards:

  • CE conformity following 93/42/EEC
  • Certified quality management system following DIN EN 13485
  • Electromagnetic compatibility following DIN EN 60601-1
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