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THERA-Trainer veho 512 -Professional version
Passive & Active Trainers
Item Number: Trainer veho 512 -Professional version
 THERA-Trainer veho 512 -Professional
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THERA-Trainer veho: an ergonomic multi-talented
All necessary adjustments can be made quickly and easily veho the THERA-Trainer. Thus, for example Height and distance from the upper body workout can be customized to your height. To ensure that everything is always good in view, can also be the slope of the operating and display units adjust.

                  THERA-Trainer                                THERA-Trainer


The PROFESSIONAL line of THERA-Trainers addresses customers in the fields of neurology, geriatrics, orthopedics, and cardiology. This includes business partners working in rehabilitation, whether on an inpatient, outpatient, or day-patient basis. In addition to our therapeutic devices, we offer device-based therapy concepts, which include a comprehensive therapy and training concept with practical exercise suggestions. Our vision is to provide you with therapy concepts for every phase of rehabilitation. They are to complement, simplify, and assist in the work of the therapist.





THERA-Trainer: Device-Based Therapy

Device-based therapy provides valuable support in every phase of rehabilitation. Scientific findings in the field of neuro-rehabilitation find practical application in device-based therapy. Examples include repetitive exercises (frequent repetition of a particular motor movement), task-oriented exercise, and "shaping" (exercises that work at the edge of the patient's personal performance abilities).

Benefits for the Patient: Motivation and Success

Patients usually have very positive experiences with device-based therapy using THERA-Trainers and integrated biofeedback illustrations. The exercise is task- and goal-oriented. Frequent repetition of certain exercises increases the exercise intensity. The social element of exercising in groups and the result checks afterwards will appeal to your patients' ambitions and motivate them for the next exercise session.

Benefits for the Therapist: Easier Work and Better Time Management

Device-based exercise is a safe form of exercise which reduces the physical exertion required from the therapist by having the patient safely secured and protected against falling (04). Exercising with a THERATrainer also simplifies the therapists' time management. While one patient is doing repetitive exercises on an exerciser, the therapist can attend to someone else who requires a more demanding and timeconsuming individual therapy. The exercise documentation option can be used for systematic exercise control and as proof for doctors and health insurance providers. THERA-Trainers also offer new therapy options.

Benefits for the Facility: Cost Minimisation and Attractiveness

Device-based therapy allows for a much higher »therapy density« with the same number of staff. THERA-Trainers permit group therapy, »free« self-exercise and supervised »independent« exercise. Thanks to the short »set-up time«, the effective exercise time is very long. THERA-Trainers can increase your therapy range and thus your facility's attractiveness.


Control and display unit: the size makes the difference
Following the motto "Proven to be maintained" START / STOP traffic lights was adopted from its predecessor. Could not be easier to use. Is easily controlled through large membrane keypad or touch function fields. Screen without changing important training parameters like speed, etc. can be customized at any time. The control and display units are available with 2.7'' - 5.7'' - 10.4'' and color screen. The 10.4'' color screen is also equipped with touch function.

           THERA-Trainer                       THERA-Trainer                           THERA-Trainer




THERA-Trainer veho - Professional

The THERA-Trainer veho specializes in therapy for arms, shoulders, and backs. It is important for facilities to include special movement exercisers for the upper body alongside leg exercisers.

    • THERA-Trainer veho: Ergonomically Versatile
      With the THERA-Trainer veho, you can make all necessary adjustments in no time at all. The height and distance of the upper body exerciser can be adjusted to suit the patient's body size, for instance. To keep everything in view, the tilt angle of the control and display unit can also be adjusted.
      THERA-Trainer          THERA-Trainer

    • Control and Display Unit: Size Makes the Difference
      Following the principle "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," we've kept the popular START/STOP traffic light control from the previous model. So, using the device is as easy as it gets. Controlling it is very simple using large-surface membrane keys or touchscreen keys. Important training parameters such as speed of rotation, etc., can be adjusted for the patient at any time without changing screens. The control and display unit is available with a 2.7", 5.7" or 10.4" screen. The 10.4" color screen also works as a touch screen.
      THERA-Trainer             THERA-Trainer                 THERA-Trainer

    • Biofeedback: Fun and Success Guaranteed
      The trick is to package effective therapeutic exercise as »fun and games« to encourage goal-oriented exercise and keep the patients highly motivated. This will make them focus on their exercise and keep exercising until their goal is reached. After the exercising session, the patient gets a clear performance evaluation – the best motivation for the next session.


Models of the THERA-Trainer veho


THERA-Trainer veho 512: Specialized in Pure Upper Body Training

  • Control and display unit with 10.4" colour screen incl. touch function and an associated software package for individual therapy
  • Upper body exerciser with long cranks
  • Therapy grips, wristbands for therapy grips / safety handle, and arm supports for therapy grips
  • Device base with transport casters


THERA-Trainer veho - Specifications

Models Screen size Dimensions (L x W  x H) Weight Motor drive
THERA-Trainer veho 512 10,4''
(= 211 x 158 mm)
ca. 90 x 63,8 x 122,5 cm ca. 29 kg 100 watt electric motor
(upper body exerciser)


All THERA-Trainers meet the following safety standards:

  • CE conformity following 93/42/EEC
  • Certified quality management system following DIN EN 13485
  • Electromagnetic compatibility following DIN EN 60601-1

Technical Specifications



Maße (L x B  x H)



THERA-Trainer veho 512

10,4'' (= 211 x 158 mm)

ca. 90 x 63,8 x 122,5 cm

ca. 29 kg

100 Watt Elektromotor (Oberkörpertrainer)

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