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Multiseat Seating system
Seating Positioning Chairs
Item Number: Multiseat
Seating system Multiseat Seating system Multiseat Seating system Multiseat
  • Characteristics
  • Dimensions
  • Features & Benefits


As with all Jenx products, Multiseat was designed alongside therapists and carers to create the most practical, comfortable, functional and flexible seating system possible.


By tailoring it to the user, their life can be made simpler, while making sure they get the support they need. That way, they can focus on the world around them and have a more active, enjoyable life.

One of the best reasons to use a Multiseat is that it lets the user enjoy the world around them, while being securely supported in a position that makes them more comfortable. Everything is made with a clear therapeutic benefit, while making sure it's easy to use and as unobtrusive as possible.


Key Features

  • Modular Design
  • Contoured Seat
  • Leg Control System
  • Hygienic
  • Button-adjustable hip & throracic pads
  • Tilt-in-space


Multiseat : Standard Configuration

  • Back pad and post
  • Lumbar pad
  • Adjustable hip pads
  • Memory foam seat pad
  • Angle adjustable or fixed foot post
  • Adjustable shoulder protractors
  • Multigrip Headrest (TM)
  • Oval headrest
  • Adjustable shoulder protractors
  • Adjustable thoracic pads
  • Fixed thoracic pads
  • Short fixed thoracic pads
  • Short adjustable thoracic pads
  • Tray & infill
  • Adjustable foot plate
  • Multiseat Capsule
  • Abduction block
  • Sandals & raising blocks
  • Leg control pads
  • Armrests
  • Push handle
  • Z-Base
  • Ischial bar
  • Elbow blocks for tray

Multiseat : Dimensions

Multiseat : Features & Benefits

Unique contoured seat

The building block of functional seating is controlled pelvic stability. The Multiseat achieves this by having a contoured seat that can be tailored to offer exactly the right base surface for each user. The memory foam pad allows the user's Ischial Tuberosities to be held firmly and comfortably, while preventing sacral sitting and contributing to a stable pelvic posture. This has been found to offer benefits of stability and tone reduction to even very high tone users.

Leg control pads - getting the right position

Laterally adjustable, the pads can help control abduction, adduction and windsweeping. Used in pairs or sets of four, depending on the user's needs. Comfortable and unobtrusive, they can allow whatever range of movement is best for the user's comfort and therapy. The optional covers are easily removed and the pads themselves are made from wipe-clean PU material.

Transfers made easy with flip-away pads

The unique design of Jenx leg control pads allows them to be easily flipped away for unobstructed transfers. After a safer, faster and more dignified transfer, the fins can then be brought back into position with the minimum of fuss.

Modular Design

Multiseat's seat back and foot post can be easily changed. This gives whoever is using it the best possible experience and comfort, according to their needs.


Multiseat's extensive use of infection-control PU makes it easy to wipe clean. Liquids won't soak in, and covers are easily removable. The optional hygiene cover is also wipe-clean and dries in seconds.

Multiseat : Colour Options

Multiseat Multiseat
Multiseat Multiseat



Carousel Multiseat




Carousel Seat Strap


Carousel Leg Supports


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