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Monkey Stander
Standing Frames
Item Number: Monkey
Monkey Stander Monkey Stander
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AGE RANGE: 9 months - 4 years


Monkey is a popular choice because it answers the standing needs of so many young children, whilst looking good and being extremely easy to use.

Monkey offers prone standing - standing supported in front - with a continuous range of standing angle adjustment of between 20 degrees from the horizontal to upright. Because children often have quite subtle reactions to standing angle, we have designed Monkey to allow the angle to be adjusted smoothly and simply, even whilst your child is using the product. This enables you to ensure the best standing angle each time your child chooses to stand.

Monkey's chest and hip supports can be adjusted independently of each other. This means that not only can Monkey be adjusted to precisely suit each child's proportions, but also that the two pads can be adjusted to leave space between them to accommodate a feeding button, for instance, and prevent pressure over it whilst standing - an important consideration for your child's wellbeing and comfort. Side supports are adjustable in many different directions to exactly match a child's needs, improving comfort and the efficacy of his or her standing. So no monkey business, just great function-enhancing performance.


Key Features

  • Ideal first stander.
  • All adjustments are simple and quick.
  • Angle adjustable tray with bowl infill.
  • Suits children from 9 months to 4 years.
  • Strong hip and chest straps.


Monkey: Standard Configuration

  • Frame
  • Lower body and chest supports
  • Lower body and thoracic adjustable positioning pads
  • Hip and thoracic straps
  • Angle adjustable tray with bowl and insert
  • Footboard
  • Sandals
  • 75mm castors

Monkey: Dimensions

AGE RANGE:   9 months - 4 years


Monkey: Features & Benefits

Adjustable length support surface

The length of the support can be adjusted to support the child up to around two fingers in width below their armpit. The gap is left to prevent pressure into the armpit. By offering full support Monkey ensures the child is completely secure. It is entirely possible for a child who has a feeding button to use Monkey. He or she will need to be at least one inch taller than Monkey's minimum height specification, which will allow the two parts of the support surface to be adjusted to ensure there is a gap to accommodate the feeding button. This will prevent pressure over the button.

Adjustment of the angle of the standing support

Each child will have a slightly different posture in standing and need slightly different support. The angle of the support surface can be adjusted from around 20 degrees away from the horizontal to upright. Because the adjustment is infinite, Monkey can be set to exactly the right angle for each child. This allows the child's progress to be accounted for and the angle of the board to be altered in line with changes in ability.

Fully upholstered support surface

The full upholstery of Monkey increases the child's comfort in standing, and therefore is likely to increase his or her tolerance of standing too. This can lead to more time spent in standing and greater access to the benefits that offers.

Adjustable lower support for hips and legs

The adjustable lower pad can be adjusted independently of the length of the board and the upper pad, so the exact proportions of each child can be catered for. The lower pad carries the robust postural strap with integral safety strap and is the prime postural and safety mechanism of Monkey.

Adjustable upper pad

This pad supports a child's chest and helps to create full support. It carries the chest strap, which also has an integral safety strap.

Highly adjustable hip pads

The hip pads help to maintain symmetry of the hips in standing. The pads are highly adjustable which allows very precise support for each child.

Chest strap with integral safety strap

This strap is closed in the centre and each end can be pulled to adjust the length. By pulling on either side, the child receives symmetrical information during the adjustment process and whilst standing. This helps to keep the child upright and to prevent the formation of a scoliosis.

Hip strap with integral safety strap

The hip strap is closed in the centre and then adjusted from either side, which offers the child symmetrical information which helps to keep his or her hips in mid line. It is the most important part of the standing support as this is generally the key feature that keeps the child close to the standing support.

The abduction block

The abduction block fixes to the lower pad using touch and close tape. This attaches in the centre of the board and helps to keep the knees apart and to support the given standing posture

Adjustable sandals and bootees

Sandals or bootees are used to support the child's feet and to direct their position in standing to enhance posture. Sandals have adjustable straps that can be used as separate heel and toe straps or in an X shape to hold the feet more firmly on to the footplate. The sandals are fully adjustable in two planes to allow for placing of the child's feet in the most beneficial position. Bootees are ideal for young children who do not yet wear shoes or who have particularly sensitive feet. The soft, stretchy fabric surrounds the feet holding them firmly but gently, and the bootees can be adjusted in two planes to offer precise positioning for each child.

Tray angle

The tray can be adjusted for angle. This allows the surface to be set to each child's most efficient plane.

Adjustable grab bar

This bar is fitted to the tray and can be used to help to stabilise children who rotate. The bar has an amount of adjustment to allow it to be positioned in just the right place for each child.

Adjustable activity frame

The Activity Frame, to which toys can be fixed, can be attached to the tray to allow the child constant access to activities without the toys falling from the tray.








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