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The X850 Corpus. Built for outdoors.
Power Wheelchairs
Item Number: X850 Corpus.
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The X850 Corpus.
Built for outdoors.


Our powerful offroad-wheelchair, the X850 Corpus, doesn't just look sturdy, it's built for people who demand high performance.

Do you need a strong wheelchair for use in the city or in the wild? Maybe you live some way away from the nearest shop, or you go to work in your wheelchair or you want to join friends for a bike ride?

You need a wheelchair that can cope and that you can rely on; the X850 Corpus is the right choice.

With rear-wheel drive, a powerful motor and robust suspension this is a wheelchair which you can safely drive at 15 km/hr.

The seat of the X850 Corpus can be rotated 180°, making mounting and dismounting easy.

Other new features include directional lighting which stay on the track, spring-loaded mirrors, and rubber bumpers which can take a knock. Because we believe that safety always comes first, the X850 Corpus is equipped with ESP (Electronic Steering Performance) which controls the engine and ensures that you never lose control when taking a corner.

The servocontrol with joystick can be programmed to suit your wishes.


Model Highlights

  • Maximum user weight 136 kg
  • Range 35-45 km
  • Maximum speed 10-15 km/h
  • Obstacle height 110 mm
  • Turning radius 1680 mm