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Timix Power wheelchair
Power Wheelchairs
Item Number: Timix
Timix timix lift
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V-STAB Technology

Performance: easy in- and outdoor maneuvering
Comfort: smooth driving with full suspension

Versatile: fully adjustable to individual need

Better maneuvering with front-wheel drive
- Sharper turning: front-wheel drive versus rear-wheel drive
- Better overcoming obstacles
The TIMIX allows for sharper turning indoor and for better overcoming
obstacles like tresholds when entering the local grocery store.
The user friendly TIMIX is adjustable to individual needs and allows for easy
transfers to bed, bath, toilet, car etc....
- Full suspension on all wheels
- Stability axle ensuring contact of all four wheels with the ground on uneven terrains up to 90 mm
- Front and rear lights and indicators
- Multi-functionally adjustable armrests, swing-away and removable
- Electrically adjustable back and seat
- Big star-shaped buttons for easy adjustments and a good grip
- Taxi hooks for securing the Timix during transport
- Fully integrated motor release levers.
- Adjustable seat depth.
Outdoor usage
- 80 mm ground clearance
- Better grips on outdoor surfaces with profiled large front wheels
- Collapsible anti-tipping on the front side.
User friendly
- Electrical reclinable seat and backrest.
- Seat depth adjustable.
- Easy transfer due to swing-away armrests.
- Armrests adjustable in height, width and angle.
- The controller can swing to the left or the right and can be adjusted in heigh.



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