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Wombat - seating system
Seating Positioning Chairs
Item Number: Wombat
Wombat Wombat basic Wombat electric Wombat upgrade
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The Wombat is a functional activity chair for disabled children. It provides the experience of outstanding comfort, functionality and support.

Combined with the superb design, the Wombat appears as an exceptional activity chair.

The Wombat is available in two versions: Wombat basic and Wombat upgrade. The difference is found in the frames. The basic frame has simple height adjustment on a center bar. The upgrade frame is constructed using highly technical production processes allowing the frame to adjust from floor to table height.

The Wombat is available in 3 sizes and is suitable for both children and youngsters. It is not recommended for users with a lot of involuntary movements.



Basic: available in two sizes   or    Upgrade: available in three sizes