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LSE Semi-electric Stand Up Wheelchair
Standing Wheelchairs
Item Number: LSE Semi-electric
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LSE Semi-electric Stand-up Wheelchair

Original or retrofitted the LifeStand semi-electric, LSE, gives you the possibility to stand up electrically while conserving the characteristics of a manual wheel-chair (manual propulsion with hand rims). You can stop and rest in any position between sitting and standing

Maximum load 120 kg

Total weight (Seat with 36-48) 26-29 kg

LSE Semi-electricLSE Semi-electricLSE Semi-electricLSE Semi-electric

  • Stand-up kit
    The large autonomy of the batteries allows a hundred standing cycles before recharging.You can stop and rest in any position between.

    Well positioned
    Thanks to the armrests, the shoulders are stable and the spinal column is held straight.

    Natural propping
    On the armrests affords a unique relaxed and secure position



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1. Purble Ice

2. Mettalic Charcoal Gray

3. Chilli Pepper Red

4. Black Onyx

5. Platinum Silver







2 lengths, adjustable in depth and height. 4 functions: swing-away (transfer), armrest (seated position), security chest support (standing position), relaxed posture (standing position)

Innovative design

...and high-tech materials for a new, outstanding chair!

Backrest angle adjustable

3 possible indexations, Stepless angle adjustment -15°/+10°, 3 backrest heights available


Quick release

Front and back wheels are removable easily with quick release axles.

Well positioned upper body

thanks to the armrests, the shoulders are stable and the spinal column is held straight.

Well positioned

Perfect alignment of hips, knees and ankles.

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