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LSC - Electric Driving & Electric Standing
Standing Wheelchairs
Item Number: LSC - Electric Driving & Electric Standing
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LSC - Electric Driving & Electric Standing
A really compact vertical lifting wheelchair!

The LSCompact uses the retro vertical-lifting patent. The chair, which has been studied down to its finest details, benefits from a smaller footprint in the upright position than in the seated one (identically to the natural position), while retaining excellent stability.

Really ideal for indoor use like bathroom, lift, office and kitchen; a version has also been specially designed to be equally at ease outside, thanks to the power of the motors and the diameter of the front wheels, which facilitate obstacle-crossing. A new technology gives for the first time, an innovative wheelchair with two supporting sides

The ideal wheelchair to let your child acquire greater independence. Children love it indoors thanks to its manoeuvrability and small dimensions, but also outdoors where it offers very high performance.

Maximum load     120 kg

Total weight         90 kg



LSC Indoors - LSCI

As a wheelchair suited for indoor use, this model is equipped with VR2 - PG Drive Technology. Its simple but efficient design enables it to be accessible at a competitive price.


LSC Mixte

For indoor and outdoor use. Equipped with R-Net PG Drive Technology, many additions to the LSC Mixed are possible, immediately or in the future: occipital control, infrared, by chin, etc. Ideal indoors, it is completely suited for outdoors with autonomy of 20 - 25 km. Its road lights allow travel at night



1.      2.      3.     4.     5.


1. Ruple Ice

2. Mettalic Charcoal Gray

3. Chili Pepper Red

4. Black Onyx

5. Platinum Silver








Well positioned

Perfect alignment of hips, knees and ankles

Secure central locking of keen pads

Prevents accidental opening.

Anti-tip wheels

...with variable height (engage automatically during standing-up process).

Standard LED

...with LED lighting kit (Except LSCI)

Adjustable seat depth

(+ /- 14 cm).

Hand control

Fixed on a swingaway pantograph which can be manoeuvred independently of the armrest.


Constant armrest angle whatever the backrest slant ; especially practical for tray-table use. 4 functions : chest support, trunk extension through armrest propping, safe standing process, comfortable armrests.

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