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P314C / SYSTAM Mixte Cushion
Cushions & Positioning Supports
Item Number: P314C / SYSTAM Mixte Cushion
P314C / SYSTAM Mixte Cushion P314C / SYSTAM Mixte Cushion P314C / SYSTAM Mixte Cushion
  • Description

P314C / SYSTAM Mixte Cushion

Moulded cushion made of viscoelastic gel and HR-foam

●High-reticulated viscoelastic polyurethane gel : avoids gel migration thus preventing all punching of the support

The addition of a high-resilience foam base enables the cushion to adapt better to bony protuberances, thus providing a larger contact surface, therefore more effective distribution of pressures. Moreover, it improves patient comfort and stability
Because the two layers of the material are moulded together (≠ stuck), they are completely bonded, thus eliminating all risks of separating over time.


P314C / MIXTE-Cushion can beused, when :

Seated position is necessary resulting from deseases or handicap and there is at the same time an increased risk of pressure sore.














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