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P951D / SYSTAM Back support
Cushions & Positioning Supports
Item Number: P951D / SYSTAM Back support
P951D / SYSTAM Back support P951D / SYSTAM Back support P951D / SYSTAM Back support
  • Description

P951D / Back support

Back support made of viscoelastic foam with memory effect and multi-bearing surface

  • The SYST'AM® back support provides better positioning for patients in chairs, thus generating reduced forward sliding and consequently greater protection for pressure sores in the sacrum area
  • Also reduces lateral instability
  • Side padding to protect the axillary-dorsal zone from direct contact with the chair frame, often painful, particularly in cases of intensive use
  • Respects the Anatomy of the low lumbar, an important aspect of posture
  • A multi-bearing viscoelastic memory foam back support :
    • White zone = more flexible foam for high-risk zones
    • Blue zone = firmer foam for lower-risk zones
  • Enables adaptation of the back support to most wheelchair models.


P951D Back support and Therapeutic Combi-Packs can be used to :

• 1- Improve positioning in wheelchair.

• 2- Reduce forward sliding.