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Dynamic Seating Systems
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  • General Data
  • Medical Requirements
  • Basic Equipment
  • Medical Device Directive


AKTIVLINE carbon built and individualized for patient care of children with different undercarriages.

AKTIVLINE carbon built or light version, dynamic seating system with a lightweight construction and assembly on Simply light.

Custom-made to measure and requirements of the patient

  • With continuous foot rest
  • With shared foot rest

Maximum measurements need to be considered when using an individual AKTIVLINE carbon.






Individual sizes

  • max. outer width of the seat shell is 40 cm
  • max. seat depth of the seat shell is 40 cm
  • max. back height of the seat shell is 40 cm  straight or moulded back possible
  • scapulae remain clear when using a moulded back

Weight saving compares to individual AKTIVLINE made from aluminum approx. 60% depending on selected options.


We offer integrated patient-oriented rehabilitation solutions. This includes also our selected program of related equipment. It contains aluminum and metal components from head to toe.

Different upholstery elements, therapy tables and several holders belong to our repertoire. In addition we offer fixations made from different materials and for different purposes.








The DYNALINE chest harnesses were developed to provide secure upper body support together wie a dynamic, slightly pliant restraint system.

The high-quality material combines outstanding compatiblity with the patient´s skin and the greatest possible freedom of movement for the patient.

The mounting system with four strapes ensures easy mounting on a seat shell.

The chest harness can be easily removed from the shell. It is available in standard and narrow versions. The narrow version is intended for girls or persons, whose torso is to be restrained with little material.



For more information please call us on 00357-77771314





Das gesamte Zubehörprogramm ALULINE ist gefertigt aus hochwertigem Aluminium und wird mit einer strapazierfähigen und gesundheitlich unbedenklichen Eloxalschicht in schwarz angeboten. Verwendet wird ausschließlich Ovalrohr 25 x 15 mm.
Die einzelnen Zubehörteile zeichnen sich aus durch einfache Montage und insbesondere auch durch das einfache Handling durch den Benutzer.
Sie sind leicht und erhöhen das Gesamtgewicht einer Sitzschale nur geringfügig.



For more information please call us on 00357-77771314





More accessoires


More accessories




For more information please call us on 00357-77771314


Choose Your Frame (Undercarriages)


For more information please call us on 00357-77771314

General Data


Physiological, dynamic sitting

The assumption of an orthopedically correct sitting position in line with the patient’s capabilities is made possible through the individual adaptation of the seat and back units. When relaxed, the sitting angle as well as the foot and knee angles are at 90°. The anatomically-individual upholstery of the seat shell takes account of the physiology of the patient. The entire movement sequence of the shell is controlled via physiological pivotal points in the hips and knees. Seat and back units are mounted on sliding rails and enable the opening-up of the hip angle in accordance with the movement sequences of the patient. Knee-angle and footrest unit simultaneously permit the dynamic extension tendency of the patient. A readjusting spring system in both the seat as well as the leg system automatically returns the patient to the physiological starting position.

By allowing the natural urge for and sequence of movement, it is possible to keep the moving parts of the body mobile. Uncontrolled extension movements of the patient are permitted in a controlled manner. The position of head and shoulders in space will change minimally with maximal stretching of the body and chair. The orientation will be preserved. Activities like watching, drinking or operating a joystick aren’t disturbed. Vestibular and visual perceptions are stable.


Reduced burdens

The dynamic bearing arrangement of the seat shell on the wheelchair absorbs emerging forces. In contrast to conventional, rigid seat shells with a rigid sitting position, AKTIVLINE alters the seat and leg-angle position in the event of cramp situations arising and automatically adjusts to the body extension of the patient. Emerging forces are not transmitted directly to body and material, but rather are absorbed by the admissible individual movement radius. The detailed, stable construction of seating system and undercarriage is simple to operate and can be adapted to the patient and accompanying person in many ways. Due to the comprehensive technology, the overall weight of the complete wheelchair unit is not inconsiderable; nevertheless, this can be reduced individually through the omission of various individual components. For carers and parents, however, the use of AKTIVLINE offers one decisive advantage: there is no need for permanent correction of the patient’s sitting position.


Improved sense of well-being

AKTIVLINE enables the patient to perform targeted actions such as speaking, swallowing or even operating a computer. Involuntary movements, caused for example by joy or fright as well as other disturbances of natural movement sequences are absorbed through the mobility of the seat shell, thus enabling concentration on the desired, sensible movement. Firm fixing and rigid sitting lead to increased muscle tenseness and thus to discomfort. The sitting period is reduced. Movements help prevent tenseness increasing yet further and thus enable longer sitting periods.

The term “sitting quietly” does not correspond to reality. Every person needs some movement when sitting, in order to improve their own body posture, to relieve parts of the body subjected to strain for too long and to keep joints mobile. AKTIVLINE enables movement when seated with simultaneous orthopedically-correct posture and contributes towards a longer sitting period. Pain as a result of tension can be reduced. Physiological and dynamic sitting conforms to modern-day medical-therapeutic requirements and is supported through the use of the integral AKTIVLINE concept. The patented construction principle of AKTIVLINE contributes to considerably reduced strain on both the patient and the material. This results in a considerable lowering of costs as well as in a fundamental improvement in the patient’s sense of well-being. There are no more obstacles to social integration.

We recommend that you select the suitable technical aid for your child together with your specialist doctor, therapist and with a specialist medical equipment dealer of your choice. We at interco shall be pleased to provide you with assistance on site. Questions? Simply give us a call – we shall be glad to help.

Medical requirements

  • Infantile cerebral paresis: spastic tetraplegia, dyskinetic tetraplegia, tetraplegia with dystonic spasms, athetosis and chorea-athetosis
  • Cerebral movement impediments.

With this group of patients, sitting as well as the ability to make targeted movements of the head and the upper extremities is very severely restricted as a result of the following patterns:

  • Extension reactions
  • Spasms during extension
  • Pathological movement patterns in global extension
  • Episthotonus
  • Startle reaction
  • Fright reaction
  • Synkinetic extension movements of the trunk, of the upper and lower extremities
  • Dystonic spasms
  • Asymmetric and symmetric tonic reflex of the back of the neck
  • Tonic labyrinthine reflex

Care through the provision of a conventional, rigid seat shell is frequently not possible or very difficult to achieve, due to a lack of acceptance. In particular, the high pressure forces, resulting from conventional sitting care, are impossible for the patient to bear.

In addition, conventional sitting care increases the risk of the occurrence of: hip luxation, painful hips, shortening of the muscles, secondary damage as a result of immobility, muscle contractions or reduced mobility of the joints.

The dynamic seat shell of the AKTIVLINE seating system enables automatic changing between various body postures and thus encourages breathing, the cardiovascular system, digestion, mobility of the body joints and helps prevent the development of pressure sores.

Basic equipment

  • adaption unit
  • Seat readjusting spring system with locking mechanism
  • Anatomically formed seat and back unit made from carbon
  • Physiological  pivot points for seat and knees
  • Abduction guides
  • Side supports in fixed version
  • Seat and back cushion attachable by Velcro
  • Prearrangement for dynamic foot rest systems

Medical Device Directive

The National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds is the central lobby of the statutory health insurance and long-term care insurance funds in Germany.
It issues the medical device directive considering all relevant regulations. This directory is continuously updated. All available products are assigned to different product groups defined by field of application.

All manufacturers have the opportunity to apply their products for registration in the medical device directive. It is required that those products fulfil certain criteria as well as quality standards. The quality standard requirements are published in the product groups and service requirements are defined (§139 SGB V).

Every product group contains a classification and a definition with legal indemnification descriptions and indications that justify a care.

By integration into the medical device directive, it is guaranteed that the care takes place demand-driven, quality-ensured and continuous and follows up-to-date medical know-how (§70 SGB V).

The National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds has created an online version of the medical device directive according to § 139 SGB V. Interested parties can comfortably and well-directed retrieve, sort, filter and print all information.

But it is imperative: The reimbursement of medical devices by statutory health insurances is only possible when the product is listed in the medical device directive. However, the medical device directive is not legally binding. It only has an informative character and it delivers broad information on the compulsory treaty indemnity and the nature and quality of available products.

The registry into the medical device directive was applied for. The product AKTIVLINE Carbon is in application procedure. Reimbursement may be possible.

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