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MAGICLIGHT Passive seating
Passive care systems
Item Number: MAGICLIGHT Passive seating
MAGICLIGHT Passive seating MAGICLIGHT Passive seating MAGICLIGHT Passive seating
  • Description
  • General Data
  • Medical Requirements
  • Basic Equipment
  • Medical Device Directive
  • Technical Data

MAGICLIGHT Passive seating

MAGICLIGHT is an innovative advancement of the seating system MAGICLINE. It is also made for small patients who can hardly acquire or hold a seating position due to functional deficits of the pelvis and vertebral column. This might be caused by deformations of the posture apparatus or insufficiencies in movement capabilities. MAGICLIGHT features various individual adjustment options that provide an ideal adaption and also growth for the patient.

General Data


Multilaterally modifiable seating system

MAGICLIGHT is composed of a seat and back unit that is made out of aluminium. The patient is hence able to sit in a physiological posture free of complaints for a longer time. Other basic components of the MAGICLIGHT are the good supports for upper body, pelvis and legs. The side supports are adjustable in height and width and can be adapted to the patient’s needs. The stabilisation of the torso is variable and contributes to a corrected and relieved sitting. The adduction guides are adjustable in width so that an optimal side support is also assured. In addition, a variable leg abduction is integrated into the seat; the width of the legs can also be configured variably so that there are almost no boundaries to individual customisation to the patient’s needs


Dynamic, adjustable backrest

MAGICLIGHT consists of a seat and back unit that is connected via physiological pivotal points. The backrest is dynamically movable and can easily be fixed when needed. The energy of the child is absorbed into the backrest when a sudden extension occurs. The child is brought back into an upright position after the extension. In order to adopt a more relaxed lying position, the angle of the backrest can be tilted to about 30°. Remaining in a relaxed sitting position saves energy and obtains attention to control head and body.


Individual and reusable

MAGICLIGHT grows with the small patients; it is individually adjustable and can be equipped with a variety of accessories. The standard components allow retaining functional seating system accessories. Fixations, head rests, arm rests, foot rests or therapy tables in different versions can be provided. The standardisation combined with the high variability and flexibility allows the reuse of MAGICLINE with different patients.

We recommend that you select the suitable technical aids for your child together with your specialist doctor, therapist and with a specialist medical equipment dealer of your choice. We at interco shall be pleased to provide you with assistance on site. Questions? Simply give us a call – we shall be glad to help.

Medical requirements


Seating aids are indicated with: Pronounced movement disturbances or paralyses with simultaneous reduced trunk and head stability, which render sitting with comprehensive support necessary. Incorrect development as a result of illness /disabilities or deformity of the trunk, which, as a result of the abnormal shape of the body, necessitate sitting with special support and fixing facilities.

Also with, for example:

  • Cerebral movement disturbances
  • Myelodysplasia
  • Muscular dystrophy or atrophy
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Severe incorrect development of the trunk and / or other extremities such as hips or knees

Certified safety

The product combination MAGICLIGHT ® seating system adapted on an undercarriage SIMPLY LIGHT ® with a wheelchair restraint system Protector is successfully tested according to ISO 7176-19 and ISO 10542-2. This product combination in combination with a restraint system is suitable for patient transport in a motor vehicle when the vehicle is equipped with an appropriate device for fastening.



The system consists of several self-supporting shell segments made out of aluminium and is available in four different sizes. The shell is completely perforated so that a better air circulation is given when sitting in the seat. The standard seat and back unit is equipped with a dynamic backrest as well as an integrated and continuous variable abduction. Continuous variable back and seat width extensions enable the adjustment of the system to the growth of the little patients. Side supports that can be adjusted in height and width also come with the standard version. A trapezoidal adapter under the seat enables the use of all interco undercarriages. Additional adaptions are available on request. Breathable fabrics are used for all covers enclosing the seating system. They can be detached for cleaning. Additional numerous accessories allow customisation to all care situations.



  • Seat shell adapter
  • Head rest system
  • Arm rests
  • Leg support / foot rest
  • Fixations

Your personal, local specialist advisor will assist you in the planning of an individual solution, taking account of your personal requirements. We at interco guarantee the availability of replacement parts or readjustment over a period of years.


Medical Device Directive


The National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds is the central lobby of the statutory health insurance and long-term care insurance funds in Germany.
It issues the medical device directive considering all relevant regulations. This directory is continuously updated. All available products are assigned to different product groups defined by field of application.

All manufacturers have the opportunity to apply their products for registration in the medical device directive. It is required that those products fulfil certain criteria as well as quality standards. The quality standard requirements are published in the product groups and service requirements are defined (§139 SGB V).

Every product group contains a classification and a definition with legal indemnification descriptions and indications that justify a care.

By integration into the medical device directive, it is guaranteed that the care takes place demand-driven, quality-ensured and continuous and follows up-to-date medical know-how (§70 SGB V).

The National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds has created an online version of the medical device directive according to § 139 SGB V. Interested parties can comfortably and well-directed retrieve, sort, filter and print all information.

But it is imperative: The reimbursement of medical devices by statutory health insurances is only possible when the product is listed in the medical device directive. However, the medical device directive is not legally binding. It only has an informative character and it delivers broad information on the compulsory treaty indemnity and the nature and quality of available products.

All supporting documents for the product MAGICLIGHT were delivered and the registry was successfully approved: The position number is


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