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MIKY active seating Custom-made care.
Active Seating Systems
Item Number: MIKY active seating Custom-made care.
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MIKY active seating Custom-made care.

Children want to explore the world and go onto an expedition at a very young age. Some of them are, however, dependent on innovative seating support due to their physical impairments. Here the custom-made active wheelchair which grows with the patient sets in and guides small users during early intervention and development.

Basic information


Individuality at highest level

MIKY is the only system in the market segment of active wheelchairs that is completely custom-made. And even at a lower price. This unique offer is made possible by an innovative construction of the outer frame. Seat width, depth as well as height can be built according to individual measurements. Even more: the whole system can grow up to 40 mm and thus partake in important developmental stages of the child. The outer frame is complemented by an anatomical and to a body print formed seat and back unit.

Lightness for more mobility

Besides the custom-made manufacture, MIKY offers many features that support an easy and safe handling and hence greater mobility. The outer frame, for example, has a lightweight construction using a combination of aluminium and carbon. Plastic, which can be damaged during a collision or by sharp objects, is nearly completely dispensed. Cable breaks are entirely integrated into the carbon side parts and can be handled easily by a knob. Even the seating position can be adjusted with little manual intervention in height, depth and angle using the unique adaptation system.

Medical Device Directive


The National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds is the central lobby of the statutory health insurance and long-term care insurance funds in Germany.
It issues the medical device directive considering all relevant regulations. This directory is continuously updated. All available products are assigned to different product groups defined by field of application.

All manufacturers have the opportunity to apply their products for registration in the medical device directive. It is required that those products fulfil certain criteria as well as quality standards. The quality standard requirements are published in the product groups and service requirements are defined (§139 SGB V).

Every product group contains a classification and a definition with legal indemnification descriptions and indications that justify a care.

By integration into the medical device directive, it is guaranteed that the care takes place demand-driven, quality-ensured and continuous and follows up-to-date medical know-how (§70 SGB V).

The National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds has created an online version of the medical device directive according to § 139 SGB V. Interested parties can comfortably and well-directed retrieve, sort, filter and print all information.

But it is imperative: The reimbursement of medical devices by statutory health insurances is only possible when the product is listed in the medical device directive. However, the medical device directive is not legally binding. It only has an informative character and it delivers broad information on the compulsory treaty indemnity and the nature and quality of available products.

The registry into the medical device directive was applied for. The product MIKY active wheelchair individuell is in application procedure. Reimbursement may be possible.


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