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Custom made products
Custom Made Products
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Custom made products Custom made products Custom made products
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Custom-made products


Our strengths are the development and realization of individualized systems. Special design solutions as well as modifications and complements of existing systems belong to it.

Moreover we develop completely new single components or even entire systems. In doing so we work highly flexible and according to a simple principle: You describe your requirements – we find a solution for it.


General information


Physically impaired children have a unique interpersonal relationship with their individual custodians while they grow up. Parents, siblings and therapists lovingly accept their personalities and only want the best for them.

When looking for a suitable support of their development, they often realize that the supply of rehabilitation equipment does not offer efficient choices. Then special solutions need to be found for the children.


At interco, we have specialized in individual custom-made designs. We offer individual solutions when standardized care supplies do not suffice due to unique physical conditions and special additions are necessary. Our competent expert staff can realize, besides others, an extensive electrical wheelchair with an active seating system, anatomically formed bedding systems, individual adaptation systems for accessories or even complex spring systems. The high-tech machinery in combination with creative minds make it possible.




Interco follows an important principle when planning a care system: a comprehensive needs assessment of the patient is the basis for any good care! Hence the analysis of the patients’ requirements plays an important role during the conception process which leads to creative and more or less complex solutions.

During this whole process we also take into consideration the reimbursement by health insurances, which is necessary to realize most extensive solutions – we are also pleased to assist here!


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