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Sensory Rooms / Equipment
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Discover the Next Generation of Wireless Multi-sensory Products and Sensory Equipment!

Multi-sensory equipment is a vital and effective part in the treatment of sensory disorders with children and adults alike.

We know that providing quality products and professional advice is essential to helping you choose the right products to create the perfect sensory environment, which is why we pride ourselves in offering the expertise you need.

Sensory equipment can help develop key life skills including vocalisation, gross motor skills, colour recognition and tracking. To make choosing the equipment easier, we have put together packages including sensory rooms packages, sensory pools, sensory bathrooms and sensory gardens.


Free Sensory Room Design

Let our expert sensory designers create the perfect sensory environment for your requirements and the needs of your users and create a free 3D sensory room design - completely free of charge!

Plans and price quotes are tailored to your budget and can be based on stage purchased and installation is desired.

For Free Room Design contact us on Phone: 00357-77771314


Sensory Room

On our company we offer a wide range of products and equipment to create your bespoke sensory room.

Sensory rooms have been found to bear huge benefits to all that use them, regardless of their age of ability.

A sensory room can create whatever environment or experience that you desire, whether it is to create a calming effect or an exciting interactive and stimulating environment.


A multi-sensory room offers huge benefits to patients, pupils and carers, regardless of their age or ability.

There are different varieties of rooms available from Relaxation Rooms for calming and de-escalation to interactive rooms to help develop skills including switching, gross and fine motor, cause and effect, hand to eye coordination as well as colour, number and shape recognition. With the help from our expert sensory advisors, we can help you create the perfect environment for the needs of its users

On our company we are proud to offer the best multi-sensory rooms in the UK and Cyprus, all individually designed to suit the requirements of the users. A free demonstration of the products can be given as well as a free 3D design, helping to give a clear image of the completed room.

Please ask for a free copy of our DVD, showcasing some of the best sensory rooms from around the world.

To discuss your new multi-sensory room or request your DVD please contact us or call us on phone 00357-77771314




Hydrotherapy Pool

We know that a hydrotherapy pool can have outstanding benefits on those with special needs, which is why we have spent years designing and developing what we believe are the best sensory pool systems in the world. Any ordinary pool system can be turned into a spectacular performance of sound and light thanks to the new IRiS Pool Director Software. 

The system is run via a low voltage, tough tough screen loaded with 50 scenarios carefully designed for those with special needs using synchronised light, sound, aroma and video projection. Noise made by its users can be used to change lighting colours or music thanks to the sound responsive mode within the equipment.

Whether you are after a relaxing environment or somewhere to gently challenge users, a hydrotherapy pool is the perfect answer to any need, regardless of the size of the area.

We offer a free product demonstration and 3D design service so please contact us or call us on phone 00357-77771314.



Sensory bathrooms are the perfect way to make bathing a more enjoyable experience for those who may otherwise fear this time. Our manufacturers are the leading UK designers and creators of sensory bathrooms and sensory bathroom equipment and with the help of interactive products making bath time a rewarding experience for many.

More and more care homes are introducing sensory bathrooms as well as maternity wards where the warm water and relaxing lights and sounds can help reduce pain and stress. 

On our company we can offer you a range of products and bundles for use in sensory bathrooms to suit almost any budget and requirements. 

We also offer a free 3D design service from our expert sensory advisors.

For more information please contact us or call us on phone 00357-77771314.



Multisensory Interactive Learning Environment

What is a Multi-sensory Interactive Learning Environment (M.I.L.E)?

The Multi-sensory Interactive Learning Environment or M.I.L.E, is a new development in sensory room technology bringing a calming sensory room, stimulating sensory room, interactive sensory room and an Interactive learning platform into one easy to use package.

White boards are likely to become a thing of the past when compared with the learning potential of the M.I.L.E. Incorporating changing light, sound, video, vibration, moving air and different aromas, the M.I.L.E system creates an environment that can calm or stimulates the senses, making lessons imaginative, exciting, creative and fun.

It also encourages teachers to be creative with their lessons, bringing the information alive rather than simply reading from a text book. If your teaching history why not take your pupils back to the wild west - the smell of gun smoke in your nostrils, the sight of the pony express and red indians, the noise of horse hoofs clomping by - whist videos show what it was really like during the time.

Using our unique wireless IRiS products to create these wonderful environments, pupils can control all of the pieces in the room using the Talkers making lessons a fully interactive time. 

The M.I.L.E can also be the ultimate in relaxation room's making it the ideal place for calming a child who may be boisterous or distressed.

The M.I.L.E was created following an intensive two-year development programme and the incredible power and flexibility of the system is only made possible by the strength of the software built to drive it. Designed and written specifically for the system with teachers and carers in mind, the IRiS Room Director software ensures the M.I.L.E is used to its full potential using our wireless IRiS products.

The software is based on drag and drop to allow easy creation of 'scenarios' which can be tailored to every subject, theme or story. You are in complete control of the 'scenario' you want to create. A large range of media can also be easily integrated into to the system at the click of a mouse, from film clips, photographs and pictures, text and visualisations, as well as existing Microsoft PowerPoint and Opus presentations.

It's also completely versatile and each scenario can be designed to suit an individual and help develop skills including cause and effect, colour, number and shape recognition, gross and fine motor skills to name but a few.

MILE is exclusively available from our company and we offer a complete, free 3D room design service so you can see your M.I.L.E before purchasing.

For more information on how you can get MILES of opportunities, please contact us or telephone on 00357-77771314.














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