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Standard wheelchair - “New Millenium III” Price: €550.00
STANDARD WHEELCHAIR “New Millenium II” This standard wheelchair is foldable. powder coated or chrome coated steel frame, with 8” casters (20 cm) on aluminium front forks and standard 24” x 1-3/8 (60 cm) rear wheels equipped with aluminium handrims and quick release axles.
Available Quantity: 10  
Transit wheelchair “New Millenium II This standard wheelchair is foldable, powder coated steel frame, Height adjustable 8” casters (20 cm) on aluminium front forks and 12” transit wheels (30 cm) with quick release axles are standard on the wheelchair.
STANDARD WHEELCHAIR “New Millenium III Price: €850.00
STANDARD WHEELCHAIR “New Millenium II" HEAVY DUTY This standard wheelchair is foldable and powder coated steel frame. with Double cross frame bar and reinforced front forks with rear wheels 24” x 1-3/8 (600 mm) with aluminium handrims. It is a special Heavy Duty wheelchair, with flip up and removable desk armrests. This model offered as a standard a pair of height adjustable and removable legrests with heel loops and washable nylon upholstery.
Available Quantity: 4  
708 DELIGHT - The New Standard Wheelchair This wheelchair has swing-back armrest, removable and adjustable in height footrests and the basic version is also equipped with adjustable frontwheel fork with front wheels which can be adjusted in two different positions. The upholstery is black nylon and can be offered in 4 different colours.
Available Quantity: 7  
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