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Giraffe Giraffe is an ideal first seat for young children. It can fully support your child as he or she learns to sit and offers numerous features to encourage new skills. Key Features •Blends well into a nursery environment •Locking castors •Multigrip headrest •Knee blocks Seating System Giraffe AGE RANGES: 9 months - 4 years 1 SIZES AVAILABLE
Available Quantity: 3  
CORNER SEAT Price: €550.00
Corner Seat The Corner Seat is available in three sizes to suit children from six months to approximately 10 years. It offers children support in long sitting, which is children's usual first sitting position. Long sitting, with the legs stretched out in front, helps to maintain the length of the muscles behind the knee. The Corner Seat has an adjustable height back and can be used with or without the upper back support. An abduction block is used to help keep your child well positioned, with their hips neatly back into the seat. The corner shape helps to maintain your child in midline and, if you prefer to have a flat back with wings at the side, there are small triangular cushions available to place at the back to provide this setting.
Available Quantity: 2  
ZETA SEATING SYSTEM Price: €3,200.00
Zeta Zeta is a highly adjustable seating system specifically designed to meet the needs of older children. Most adjustments on Zeta are assisted by gas springs or hydraulic systems to reduce manual handling for carers. It has a number of build options to further increase its versatility Key Features •Modular specification with a wide range of optional components •Loose covers available to customise look of Zeta •Large size accommodates teens and young adults AGE RANGES: 8 years - 14 years 12 years - 18 years 2 SIZES AVAILABLE
Nandu small seatting system Contact us for price
Nandu - a small seat for active children. Nandu support active children who need little help to join in the fun at school or at home
Available Quantity: 1  
X-Panda Contact us for price
X:panda is a multi-adjustable dynamic seat, delivered in 4 different sizes - each seat with up to 10 cm in seat width and depth adjustment coupled with sliding back growth.
Available Quantity: 3  
Wombat - seating system Contact us for price
Wombat The Wombat is a functional activity chair for disabled children. It provides the experience of outstanding comfort, functionality and support.
Available Quantity: 1  
Panda Futura Contact us for price
The Panda Futura is a modular seating system for both indoor and outdoor use.
Available Quantity: 1  
Junior seat system Contact us for price
Junior Junior offers children with a wide range of seating needs the opportunity to get active with others. Its unique design gives excellent pelvic stability, and the optional Ischial Bar helps to prevent a child from sliding down in the seat.
Available Quantity: 2  
Multiseat Seating system Contact us for price
Seating Multiseat Suitable for all ages As with all Jenx products, Multiseat was designed alongside therapists and carers to create the most practical, comfortable, functional and flexible seating system possible.
Available Quantity: 1  
Bee Contact us for price
Bee Bee helps your child get busy - busy sitting well, joining in, playing and creating. Young children flourish in an environment where they can choose to take part in different activities, or where they can watch as others introduce them to a new interest.
Available Quantity: 1
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