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LS LifeStand Contact us for price
LS The LifeStand All-manuall for driving and standing up The LS - Upright with your own energy . The unique patented principle of the LifeStand® manual LS onsists in giving you back your own energy to stand up without effort, naturally and with complete independence
Available Quantity: 1  
LSA Helium wheelchair Contact us for price
LSA Helium - A REALLY LIGHT STAND-UP WHEELCHAIR! The LSA Helium is made for active, sporty people. The seat and backrest are pre-adjusted to the users weight and height a perfect fit! It is curvy, harmonious and streamlined, the LSA Helium design emphasis lightness and functionality. Each functionally optimal part will catch the eye.
LSE Semi-electric Stand Up Wheelchair Contact us for price
LSE Semi-electric Original or retrofitted the LifeStand semi-electric, LSE, gives you the possibility to stand up electrically while conserving the characteristics of a manual wheel-chair (manual propulsion with hand rims). You can stop and rest in any position between sitting and standing
Available Quantity: 1  
LSR Helium Stand up Wheelchair Contact us for price
LSR Helium Stand up Wheelchair Get vertical! THE LIFESTAND LSR with sleek good looks, the LifeStand LSR combines urban design with excellent functionality. This wheelchair offers a power standing feature as well as an exclusive component for reclining while in a seated position that utilizes only one actuator. The LSR boasts a rigid frame and may be driven from either a seated or a standing position. Ergonomically-friendly, the chair is constructed of innovative, high-tech materials.
Available Quantity: 1  
LSC - Electric Driving & Electric Standing Contact us for price
LSC - Electric Driving & Electric Standing A really compact vertical lifting wheelchair! The LSCompact uses the retro vertical-lifting patent. The chair, which has been studied down to its finest details, benefits from a smaller footprint in the upright position than in the seated one (identically to the natural position), while retaining excellent stability.
Available Quantity: 1  
LSC Outdoors LSCO Power Driving - Power Stand up Contact us for price
LSC Outdoors LSCO Power Driving - Power Stand up LSCO is equipped with two powerful 300-Watt motors, as well as two batteries (65 amp/h each), which gives it autonomy of approximately 40-45 km. The wheels have a larger diameter than on the other models, to facilitate outdoor travel. Indoors, it's reduced width enables it to move through doorways easily. It is comfortable and comes equipped with electrical leg rests as a standard feature.
Available Quantity: 1  
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