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MAGICLIGHT Passive seating Contact us for price
MAGICLIGHT Passive seating is an innovative advancement of the seating system MAGICLINE. It is also made for small patients who can hardly acquire or hold a seating position due to functional deficits of the pelvis and vertebral column. The special care passive seating systems provide an optimal seating position even with complex conditions. They help embedding deformations, adjusting false posture and avoiding bedsore. Passive care systems optimize the integration of the user. They support the possibility to participate in life more untroubled.
Available Quantity: 1  
MAGICLINE passive seating system Contact us for price
MAGICLINE passive seating system s designed for small patients who have great diffi culty in adopting a sitting position, as a result of a physiological disturbance or anatomical changes. For example, because the interaction of pelvis and vertebral column has functional defi cits, through deformation of the supporting structure or through insuffi ciencies of the movement apparatus. MAGICLINE is, on the one hand, a standardised seating system and, on the other hand, also a form of individual care. MAGICLINE is a variably and individually adjustable seating system that grows with the patient and which is available in three standardised sizes.
Available Quantity: 1  
ERGOLINE Passive seating system Contact us for price
ERGOLINE Passive seating system Variable care for a positive development The ERGOLINE seating system is suited on the one hand for patients who, despite physical limitations, are very active and whose movement sequences can be therapeutically encouraged and improved. On the other hand, it can, however, also be designed such that it serves as a passive system for fully restricted and immobile patients. Whether as a seat in a wheelchair, on a therapy chair or by means of the trapezoid adapter on the SIMPLY or ROOMY NEW EDITION undercarriages, the possible uses are numerous and offer maximum flexibility.
Available Quantity: 1  
ORTHOLIGHT passive seating system Contact us for price
ORTHOLIGHT passive seating systemORTHOLIGHT passive seating system Made for small patients, who are unable to adopt or remain in a sitting position independently.
Available Quantity: 1  
KOMBILINE passive seating system Contact us for price
KOMBILINE passive seating system The comfort wheelchair sets new standards in the care of patients with seating systems.
Available Quantity: 1  
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