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CLIP PUSH CHAIR Contact us for price
pushchair CLIP for kids CLIP is a light pushchair that can be folded like an umbrella. CLIP have passed CRASH TEST according to the ISO 7176/19
Available Quantity: 1  
NURSING BED BELLUNO Price: €2,000.00
NURSING BED BELLUNO A modern classic for proper rest. Belluno is the classic among modern care bed. This bed combines maximum comfort and ease of use with an attractive price.
Available Quantity: 10  
BOBATH COUCH 1 SECTION Contact us for price
BOBATH COUCH 1 SECTION Bobath treatment table, electrically height adjustable.
Giraffe Giraffe is an ideal first seat for young children. It can fully support your child as he or she learns to sit and offers numerous features to encourage new skills. Key Features •Blends well into a nursery environment •Locking castors •Multigrip headrest •Knee blocks Seating System Giraffe AGE RANGES: 9 months - 4 years 1 SIZES AVAILABLE
Available Quantity: 3  
SUPINE STANDER Contact us for price
Supine Stander Supine Stander is a robust standing support that offers children comfort and safety whilst standing. Children are supported at the back, leaving their hands free to access items on a tray or table in front of them. Key Features •Adjusts to horizontal for ease of hoisting user onto surface. •Support boards fully moulded in comfortable, easy to clean PU padding to improve ease of cleaning and prevent ingress of fluids into padding. •Removable sections make it easy to alter the height of Supine Stander. •Unique rotation control knee supports help to improve standing position and adjust weight bearing. •The Jenx Supine Stander comes in two sizes to suit children from 9 months to 4 years, and 3 years to 11 years. Supine standing offers children a well supported standing position where they can weight bear and take part in activities with their friends. Children can be hoisted onto the Jenx Supine •Stander and have their posture achieved before being brought to a more upright position. This reduces manual handling for carers and reduces strain for the child. Standing Supine Stander AGE RANGES: 9 months - 4 years 3 years - 11 years 2 SIZES AVAILABLE
Available Quantity: 2  
OMEGA Platform Lift Contact us for price
OMEGA Platform Lift The OMEGA platform lift gives wheelchair users or disabled people the possibility to overcome staircases or steep ramps without and attendant assistance. Indoors or outdoors - the lift gently integrates into every surrounding area. Whether for private or public uses, straight or curved staircases, the OMEGA is a synonym for mobility, quality and pleasure of life. FOR THIS PRODUCT YOU CAN HAVE PRICE ONLY AFTER THE SPECIAL MEASURES OF YOUR STAIR AND SOME OTHER DETAILS ARE REQUESTED.
Superlight 3 - SMALL MOBILITY SCOOTER Contact us for price
Superlight 3 - Mobility Scooter Small Size Easily disassembled for quick loading/ unloading, the Superlight 3 is the perfect solution for personal mobility away from home. The powerful rear-wheel drive allows for significant speed, range and ramp climbing, better than any other scooter in it's category. The Superlight 3 has a wide seat with arm rests that can swivel for comfort and ease of access. A headlight and a convenient large rear basket are all standard. *A Shabbat control option is available for the observant.
Available Quantity: 1  
Swivel Bather - Rotating bath seat This bath seat can help the user to get in or out of the bath easily by the rotating system which offers
Available Quantity: 30  
DELUXE SHOWER COMMODE CHAIR - SWINGER Swinger is an innovative indoor manual wheelchair which can be used both as a shower chair and as a commode chair. The powder coated aluminium frame is resistant to the external agents. The seat with a removable cover over the central opening allows the use of the bucket. The rails under the seat allow the bucket to be easily removed. Swinger is equipped with 5” (12 cm) swivelling casters and with 24” (60 cm) rear wheels with quick release mechanism, plastic spokes and plastic handrims. It is also equipped with a padded flip-up and height adjustable single footplate, aluminium brakes and padded flip-up armrests. The padded components on the wheelchair are made of polyurethane foam.
Available Quantity: 4  
BALANCE-TRAINER (BASIC) Contact us for price
BALANCE-TRAINER Safe standing and dynamic exercising The BALANCE-Trainer makes static as well as dynamic standing possible. That means on the one hand you can use the advantages of a conventional standing frame and on the other hand you can benefit from the advantages of the BALANCE-function in the BALANCE-trainer.
Available Quantity: 4  
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